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     Cousin Moe Music, Inc, welcomes sponsorship for the band, The Brooklyn Pizzaiolos™,  as well as for the Grab A Slice recording project. For Pizzerias and other businesses there are many ways to sponsor.  Keep reading and check the drop down menu to see where you may fit.

    The music page in this website contains videos of three songs Jeff Alexander wrote and produced about pizza, & one about NYC pigeons and NYers.

    There are numerous  unique sponsorship opportunities that  would garner  recognition & publicity for pizzerias. Just a few are:


  •   Sponsor a Live Show. Pizzeria Owners, Business Owners, or People can sponsor a live club performance . We'll display YOUR banner you provide or project the image you provide of your logo or Pizzeria, at a live performance in a Greater NY Metropolitan Area Venue we book. Your sponsorship can be mentioned in advertising or media. If you opt for this the Shows will be booked from September on. if not sooner... You'll get up to 20 tickets to the show, as needed. (This is not hiring the band...Hiring the band is different). $500.00 to $1,000.00
  •   Pizzeria Sponsors directory.  We'll list  your  Pizzeria's name,  address, phone #, and a link to your website on the appropriate sponsorship page in the Pizzeria directory (see the drop down menu) here. Listing will run for a full two years, and can be renewed when it expires.  $50.00
  •   NYC Pizzerias only.  The Same Website listing sponsorship as above, but the delivery boy (me) brings you 20 Right Outa Da Oven  EPs that you can give your favorite customers .$125.00
    •   Full Page Photo in the EP Booklet. Have your a photo of your Brooklyn Pizzeria in the booklet that comes with the Recording.  $1,000.00      Only one available
    •   Photo of your NYC pizzeria on the back of a custom run of 1,000 Right Outa Da Oven 4 song EPs. Give em to your best customers, or with orders over a certain $ amount.. Or only on certain days of the week. They'd make unique holiday presents as well. $2,500.00

         Pizza Related Industries or any other business may also wish to sponsor. Sauce, olive oil, flour, & cheese companies, come to mind.  Beverage companies come to mind. Your logo or listing could go on the General Sponsors page for two years. $175.00

     To inquire, or arrange sponsorhip, contact Jeff. Info is on the contact page.Thank you.