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    THE BROOKLYN PIZZAIOLOS musical act, Grab A Slice®  clothing brand are owned by, run, & manufactured exclusively by Cousin Moe Music, Inc. Cousin Moe Music, Inc. also owns & has operated Brooklyn In My Bones ®  clothing since 2013. 

The Brooklyn Pizzaiolos,Some of NYC's finest players, deliver originals drippin da blues, NYC grit, & Brooklyn Pizza Oil.                                                                                                                        Songwriter/Producer Jeff Alexander, known for Johnnie Be Eighty. And Still Bad!, Johnnie Johnson's final release, & Larry Thurston's School For Fools, with Levon Helm drumming, is back, releasing two EPs, & has other projects on the way.

     These aren't novelty songs. They're for real. Lyrically & musically "My songs are blues... But you can call em Brooklyn Soul."

       Alexander, a native Brooklynite, has lived & worked around the United States during four of his six decades, but never lasted living outside of Brooklyn for more than three years at a stretch.  Brooklyn, the modern world, & pizza inspired this project. "I'm a boomerang, I'm a homing pigeon. Brooklyn's home...This time I've been home over six years & by virtue of being here, I've done (musical) things that I wouldn't have thought of .... anywhere else."

      "Since the 90s, the changes have been.....An avalanche that hasn't ended. Change is inevitable, and almost all that's left of old, real NYC are the bona fide NYers that are still here. And some great pizza. Today, a great pizza parlor is a sanctuary. Thinking about that, I wrote songs about pizza. My songs cover life all over the modern world, life in NYC today, pizza's place in the world, & pizza's place in NYC, past & present."                                                                                                      

     "Pizza mighta came here from Italy. but it got baptized and bar mitzvahed in Brooklyn." "When NYers want to eat pizza, we say Let's go grab a slice.  So I wrote Grab A Slice NYC. Almost everyone everywhere loves pizza, so I wrote a universal version, just Grab A Slice." Brooklyn Pizza Blues is a song anyone who's lost things they love can relate to. Inner Pigeon- the first verse covers Alexander's meeting his Inner Pigeon, and goes from there.

  Alexander assembled a band  of aces, and recorded them live, and Maria Muldaur's vocal at Chris Anderson's Nevessa Studios in Woodstock NY. La Rita Gaskins' vocals were recorded & the tracks mixed by Dave Cook at his studio in neighboring Saugerties. Alan Silverman, who has mastered 19 Grammy winners, mastered in his Aerial Sound Studio in Manhattan..

      Kenny Aaronson: Bass. A Brooklyn native, toured &/or recorded w/ Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart,  Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Brian Setzer, Rick Derringer, Billy Idol, Hall & Oates Stories, Leslie West, Mick Taylor, Edgar Winter, Dave Edmunds...

      Eric Parker: Drums. Has toured & recorded with Joe Cocker, Orleans, Steve  Winwood, Bonnie Raitt, Lou Reed, Ian Hunter, Cornell Dupree, Mick Taylor....

   Arthur Neilson: Guitars. A Queens native & longtime Brooklyn resident. Artists Arthur has toured & recorded with include Shemekia Copeland (20 years), Blue Angel ( with Cyndi Lauper), Vanessa Collier, Benny Mardones, Felix & the Havanas, & Arthur has solo work of his own. Arthur has been a cornerstone of this & several recording projects of Alexander's, released, in the can, not yet released.

    La Rita Gaskins: Vocals. Artists La Rita has recorded & performed with include Aretha Franklin, Debbie Harry, Steve Forbert, Debbie Gibson. Vanessa Wlliams. Walter Duda. The Broadway Inspirational Voices. La Rita was on Alexander's Larry Thurston: School For Fools project & some other projects he has in the can, but hasn't yet released. La Rita is an astonishingly great vocal performer.

   Maria Muldaur: Vocal. Known worldwide for her mid 70s hit Midnight At The Oasis, Maria is one of the iconic NYC native vocalists of the 60s and 70s.  Maria has had an amazing career in folk, blues,& pop music. Maria started as member of the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, has been a solo artist since the 70s, released over 40 records, & still records & performs regularly.

 Jeff Alexander is a native Brooklynite songwriter/ record producer. In 2003 Alexander wrote Brooklyn In My Bones, the song, about growing up in Brooklyn & what it means to be a Brooklynite. He knew that Brooklyn In My Bones was a great phrase for a clothing line. Occupied as a siding, window, and roofing contractor  in St Louis & elsewhere, and  writing songs for & producing other projects, including "Johnnie Be Eighty. And Still Bad!", the final recording by Johnnie Johnson, Chuck Berry's songwriting collaborator and pianist, Jeff never mentioned Brooklyn In My Bones to anyone. He  kept his mouth shut. Finally, in January 2013, Alexander closed operations in St Louis and returned to Brooklyn to begin the Brooklyn In My Bones recording project and establish the clothing brand.

    In 2014 , attempting to promote  music & Brooklyn In My Bones®  clothing without a budget, Alexander got the idea to make a video  for his song Brooklyn In My  Bones using photos of Brooklynites eating pizza in Brooklyn pizza places . He began the process, and immediately,got the idea to  write Pizza songs & make pizza clothing. The eternal NYC phrase for wanting to go eat pizza. Grab A Slice immediately came to mind (as did Brooklyn Got The Best Pizza). Whaddya wanna eat? Lets go grab a slice, came to mind right away. Having lived elsewhere, out in The Pizza Diaspora many times, Alexander has often jonesed for real pizza.  The  pizza songs he wrote and produced are The Brooklyn Pizza Blues, Grab A Slice (NYC), and Grab A Slice (Universal). Inner Pigeon references pizza. Alexander has written & recorded songs that reference  pizza for several other of his projects as well.

This recording contains Alexander's love songs to pizza, but they're also SOME of  his love songs to Brooklyn, New York City, Brooklynites and all NYers. But it's far more than that. It is blues, it's American music, and it's relatable.

This EP is the tip of the iceberg of a full 360 project. The Brooklyn Pizzaiolos act & Grab A Slice clothing are branded, and aside from this EP, there's more music galore.

Contact:  Jeff Alexander

Phone 718-980 -8174   Email:  cousinmoe58@aol.com

     Grab A Slice® & Brooklyn In My Bones®  clothing lines, & the songs Brooklyn In My Bones, Blues For Brooklyn, The  Brooklyn Pizza Blues, & , Grab A Slice (NYC),  Inner Pigeon, and Grab A Slice (Universal), are all  part of Jeff Alexander's life time long love affair with New York City.

   Check out the clothing & music. Dig it? Buy shirts &/or CDS . The value received is terrific. And spread the word. Please share this on all your social media. Not only will you be helping to get great items seen, you will be helping an unusually dedicated creator accomplish something worthwhile,  & finance the completion of great music, and maybe even get out of the accumulated debt.


Cousin Moe Music, Inc.  was established in 2001. It released "School For Fools", by Larry Thurston in 2002, and "Johnnie Be Eighty. And Still Bad!" by The Father of Rock & Roll,Johnnie Johnson.in 2005. Brooklyn In My Bones ® clothing  has been offered on eBay, & on www.cousinmoemusic.com, since late 2013.

www.cousinmoemusic.com is the website  for Cousin Moe Music. It's full of great info, stories, & more. In need of an overhaul & SUPER update, it will be rebuilt soon.

Cousin Moe Music, Inc. Brooklyn In My Bones® & Grab A Slice® are located in Brooklyn, N.Y.






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