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Brooklyn In My Bones® Hot Pink hoodie. (Small) Economic Relief Package w/ Two Free CDs.

$37.95 $50.95

Brooklyn In My Bones® Hoodie Economic Relief PACKAGE on in stock items.  Includes One Hoodie, SHIPPING, & FREE, one each of The Brooklyn Pizzaiolos & The Natural Born Schmoozers Compact Discs. This one is a SMALL Fruit OF The Loom Zipper hoodie, & it's the last Hot Pink in stock.   Offer is good on in stock items only.  If the size you want is out of stock, or if you want to place a large wholesale order, send a message, I'll respond.

Some black Brooklyn In My Bones®hoodies are in stock, one yellow gold, one royal blue. Listed  separately on the catalogue. Pricing is the same.

For more info on the Original recordings, see the Music Page.

In stock items usually ships  next business day.

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